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See my face at once between caution and arrogance

(See my face at once between caution and arrogance)   Although the Secretary-General is acting on the instructions of the Security Council, he bears a great deal of blame. President Bush sent me a warm farewell  message: "It was my intention to be a supporter of the United Nations and you personally, based on my deadly philosophy, that when we work together we can  achieve much, Of the new Clinton administration only through the letters that were reaching me at the staff level: that Richard Thor Nberg should leave office,  as well as Bush's friend Joseph Werner Reid, who was responsible for the preparations for the fiftieth anniversary of the United Nations, including a series  of events spanning a whole year During 1995 I was later told that the White House "was not satisfied at all" to keep "Bred" because he belongs to the Republican Party Her appointment represented a step towards achieving her 50:50 goal by 50,  which means that 50 per cent o

Cambodia was the first place and I am still the only place

(Cambodia was the first place and I am still the only place)   I asked him to leave his position at the United Nations in New York and take over the Cambodian operation, but I wanted him to take charge of peacekeeping  affairs in Cambodia because I wanted Japan to increase its participation in UN activities. I was told that Asia is still suffering from the trauma of the Second  World War But it is clear that you are ignorant of things when you relate to the hyssop in Asia and thus put me in an embarrassing position with the Security  Council, which had not yet approved my choice of him. Perhaps his illness, which he carried courageously, was the cause of his erratic temperament and the speed  of his frustration and Sihanouk was pleased to receive messages Written in And also in Cambodia have been badly damaged by the Cold War conflicts over  Southeast Asia and have been destroyed by extensive genocide Khmer Rouge, then occupied by Viet Nam in 1978 and governed by Hanoi in  

My mandate for the first years as a United Nations general

(My mandate for the first years as a United Nations general)  It was their opinion that I promoted the independence of the post of Secretary General and his suit appropriately every two decades to try the elections of the  presidency of the United Nations and the presidency of the United States in the same year as well as done and if the world has fundamentally changed their world and although I was actually echoing the idea put forward by Perez de Five  years ago, the United Nations Information Office in Washington used the phrase "Firestorm" to describe the reaction in Washington to its lecture in Oxford, or should I avoid it? Aabdo and Kani did not make a decision during the US  presidential campaign. "Saye" The election The United States and the United Nations elections in the minds of the public, one on the other as far as possible. Candidates from Yemen told the Americans that the United Nations was a Muammarah And the United Nations "Black H