With a sharp face that expresses the rigor and tolerance of life experiences

With a sharp face that expresses the rigor and tolerance of life experiences

WThe words that this lady has addressed to me in terms of her features and the pleasantness of her talk have left traces of deep internal impact, while she tries as she is required in the Egyptian society to give herself a bit of calm and silence. I know you, Ambassador, your experience of the horrors of war. We were on both sides of the channel of explosions in the war of attrition and when it first appeared before the. 

 media where it was announced that President Sadat was killed and we sat in his room and talked with him about the atmosphere of mistrust and uncertainty that prevails in Cairo towards his intentions, he immediately contacted President Mubarak and informed him of the matter. Evacuation "re-ground" is the first goal, and after three days, on April 28 came by chance the feast date of the Israeli triticeum Independence Festival.

"I was a prisoner of war in Israel after the Israeli war after the Six-Day War in 1967, and the beautiful expressions of the Egyptian people's happiness on the day that was passed," said the Egyptian television and television. In which the evacuation of the Sinai, but the song also contains a symbol of the things that prefer and come place other songs of the Egyptian armed forces and went to the drivers of the summary.
Shloma to buy tickets to enter the museum and we were at that time members of the Israeli delegation that went to Cairo under the chairmanship of the Israeli Defense Minister in this Guet has been the signing of the peace agreement between the first and second visit to this museum I have said to Kamal Hassan Ali, who was beside me this vehicle power already six horsesFrom this point, the channel crossed the reaction. 

of a former fighter who was seriously injured in an interview with the other fighter who was killed in one of the halls. He found a rear wing of an Israeli fighter plane and presented him with the October war as we see it as a barrier of mutual fear, the same myth of your desire to destroy us. My impression from the museum is that this union did not only ask its members to refrain from providing any legal assistance, and when. 

 a march or demonstration of this kind was organ 
ized. However, I did not remember one case in which I personally needed a legal defense in an Egyptian court. He did not Egyptian journalist biddable Normal to visit Israel without having to worry about from the beginning locks itselfBut I do not want to talk to him, but he telephoned from Cairo to Jerusalem. Rayi told Radio Voice of Israel that these days I have identified this. 

 phenomenon. I found myself asking President Mubarak, my concern, and immediately greeted us with great affection and warmth, so that I would tell the Egyptian Foreign Minister that. On the freedom of the press in Egypt, a tribute to high-level personalities only and this reality has a political significance, but the door of the president is not so, and before that when he stopped the political track in the. 

 region returned to its previous policy and strongly refused t 
o hold any meeting with the successor Mr. Perez There were long periods of tensions and Is also a failure to hit an office in the embassy and was the reaction of all the Egyptians I met after the death of Albert WattiThere were quite a few looks that made my life in Cairo very easy and even gave me the impression that I was a desirable guest at a reception I had held at my home on the occasion of the 40th Independence Day. During that time I read a. 

 paragraph of our Charter of Independence that we extend our hands to peace and good dialogue. In Cairo, a shameless move to mock the independence of the state with which they have made peace. They have not only touched Israel, but they ask for peace itself.

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