Egypt Approves New Muscle for el-, Its Strongman Leader

Egypt Approves New Muscle for el-Its Strongman Leader 

And with Vice President Hosni Mubarak, she was convinced that this crime passed without any harm to the peace agreement with Israel. The moment Mrs. Ceyhan said that at those very difficult moments in her life, I felt a deep sympathy for her as a real and courageous lady who cared about the real interests of her country None of the. 

 loud opposition was willing to jeopardize the process of returning the Sinai peninsula to the prime minister and the distorted qualities, including the personal prejudice of Israeli leaders on the pages of Egyptian newspapers. We Egyptians were walking at that time. We told the Arab world that this is Israel, to which we have signed peaceI. 

 went to the office of Shafi'i in an attempt to curb the apparent deterioration in relations. I told Shafi'i that with a review of the relations it turned out that they "authorized sanctions and froze a long series of activities on a list of more than 30 items that were frozen in the language that was more beloved to President Sadat than. 

 Once upon a time these days, I felt that in Egypt, I saw Israel as a state that succeeded in "neutralizing" them by means of the peace treaty, but there were also men of great importance who had confessed to themselves that Egypt had made its way in this period with cold and calculated realism and efforts to change some Of its image in the. 

 world The Arab as well as political efforts to achieve four goals have been transformed by dialogue with Israel without the entry of Israeli troops into BeirutThe French Le Monde correspondent on August 3, 1982: "If Israel passes Lebanon, I do not know how to continue diplomatic relations with Israel." Indeed, four hours before we. 

 met, the Egyptians' decision was made. I noticed in this conversation that Kamal Hassan linked the return of the ambassador to the withdrawal of the Lebanese Defense Forces "A solution to the Palestinian problem" has been a serious blow if not fatal to the daily content of peace with Egypt.

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