He took me directly from the airport to one of the famous restaurants

He took me directly from the airport to one of the famous restaurants. 

When you call the international center, there is no need to tell your phone number or wait until they call you again. During these years 19 highways were established in Cairo at the level of the Republic. Also, 54 other highways and three metro tunnels were established. The first academic year is equal to the number of students in all public and middle schools in Israel in the same year when we looked for a maid brought to us from the village of Janini Qarni. She was one of his relatives. At first we thought that she was in crisis, but then she returned to her.We have come back and doubted that she is being arrogant to us, but it has become clear to us again over time. 

 that she is honest in her words, do they have the right to raise children, and as much as this is understood, Zainab will continue to work and will continue to bear the burdens of her children and educate them The three were on the road about two hours and the girl was bleeding. There was no taxi driver. No taxi driver agreed to take the girl to the hospital. She was not looking for more trouble, but Maldek was more trouble than she was. The first day I have known it since That day I call him "Papa" Fuad was the first ordinary people who expressed their solidarity immediately with President Sadat when he signed the peace agreement with IsraelWe respect and. 

 appreciate him or say this is the Ambassador of Israel greetings and blessings as a person worthy of respect plastic tables and chairs and ordinary tables and tables fill his shop for the last and in one of the arguments of the store there is a desk with a writing desk with papers and a telephone and among these clips find snippets of opposition newspapers Fuad Ali, his friendship with Israel and its ambassador, I explained to myself who was meant, but through the obligatory Eastern courtesy, I told him that all your friends had to give them all my time. He had a constant gleam in his eyes that distinguishes an intelligent pupil and his modern way, like wise men in. 

 the neighboring neighborhood. Confirm that since the period of what seemed to hesitate inside of the position of his colleagues and to explain who they are about Israel and about the Jews, and so he feels uneasy intellectual as long as he did not ask and did not happenDuring this conversation, I found myself recommending reading a lot of what was published, such as the article by Judge Ashmawy, the president of the. 

 Egyptian State Security Court, and when we concluded this cold man's hand on my hand and expressed his desire to come back and meet me not to complete this talk that the entry of the young extremist with the beard and wearing his white hat Has led to the electrification of the air between my guests from the Israelis, Egyptians and foreigners and said to the announcer in a voice angry and high and when you stop you women to raise our children on guns and pistols? Instead of wasting your time talking to a sick old man.

I see you in a new story my friends :)


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