Called "Dark Ages", it was said to be working to humiliate the United States

Called "Dark Ages", it was said to be working to humiliate the United States














    and finally force it to surrender unless it is addressed Which will erase all bank records, disable all electrical networks, stop water flow and collapse air defenses

  •  And that there may be those who betray President Duncan in the ranks of his aides and work for the Russians, and that Duncan, who seeks to prevent that attack, decided to hide when he left the White House meet someone who might be able to help while attending a baseball game.

  •  It turned out that, like Clinton, he had met his wife at law school, and that he had one big daughter, but unlike Clinton, his wife had died tragicallyBut readers who wished to reveal more hot details about what was actually going on inside the White House from Qualis might not have got what they had been hoping for.

  • Patterson also seems to have not documented all the petty blocks of sad side-by-side commentary on the state of media and politics today. After some good twists in the course of events, the novel concluded with the success of President Duncan in thwarting the shocking electronic attack and delivering a televised speech, promising to do everything the democratic voter wished.

  • Clinton told reporters that the protagonist was a president of his name, saying it was not like him because the events of the story revolve around a young president, stressing that it does not symbolize the current president, because it is not hidden. "On the contrary, reminds us of himself every day with every anthem.

  • It is expected that the events of the novel will be reflected in a television series soon, where the American channel network was signed to convert it into a series.
  • Clinton and his partner, Peterson, preferred writing drafts on paper and in pens because the former US president, unlike his wife Hillary.


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