Survivors only during a gun battle between two teams of criminals

Survivors only during a gun battle between two teams of criminals


But Kent has legal immunity and cannot be charged, but unfortunately private agent David Coogan has just arrived in Los Angeles and is determined to extract the truth from the blabber. One of these criminals was kidnapped, a delicate person named Dean Keaton, who was trying to quit the life of crime, according to Kent.

  • To avenge the police for the inconvenience, the five criminals decided to plagiarize theft of jewelry, stole emeralds from a smuggler and ended up without bloodshed and then fled to Los Angeles to sell jewelry It seemed simple at the time, but this time they had to kill the man they stole along with his guards and discovered that the man was a drug smuggler, and that they were rushed to steal.

  •  drugs and not jewels, which caused their resentment Friedfoot works for someone named Kobiachi who, in turn, works for a big mysterious criminal named Kaiser SusieIt turned out that Suzy wanted them to kill a lot of drug traffickers so that he could catch the taker among them, who was trying to tell Susie in favor of a rival gang Kogan is not even convinced of the existence of.

  •  Kaiser Susie and thinks it is a mythAgent Kogan had his look and hinted at the base of the cup of coffee that Kent was drinking from during the interrogation and found the trademark Kobiachi written on it Kogan then received a fax picture showing the description of the Hungarian criminal, the other survivor of the shape of Kaiser Susie, and the specifications of the Kaiser Susie fully.

  •  applicable to Kent and in the latter scene we see Kent cross the street has disappeared lamination with his leg disappeared in his hand and it turned out that he was faking it all the time is in fact not Lamer and not disabledRevealing that Kent was actually Kaiser Susie, a car stopped to pick him up, leaving Kogan behind desperate, Satan's greatest trick.

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