Glastonbury 2019: Stormzy gets crowd to shout 'F**k Boris' on live BBC TV

Glastonbury 2019: Stormzy gets crowd to shout 'F**k Boris' on live BBC TV


Glastonbury 2019: Stormzy gets crowd to shout 'F**k Boris' on live BBC TV:


Stormzy's featuring set at Glastonbury, which circulated live on the BBC, saw the group serenade along to the words "F**k Boris", in reference to Boris Johnson, the leader to succeed Theresa May as the head administrator of the UK.

The announcement is a piece of the verses to the rapper's track "Vossi Bop", discharged in April of this current year, which sees him pronounce: "I'll never kick the bucket, I'm Chuck Norris/F**k the legislature and f**k Boris".

It was one of only a handful couple of clearly political proclamations of the set, despite the fact that The Independent's Jazz Monroe expressed: "However to search for inside and out questioning overlooks the main issue. From the incapacitating artful dance suite to film of grainy road spats on the video screen, the set tries to delete the twofold between those ethnic minorities considered, by the decision class, to be adequate and those not."

Some famous visitors (Dave and Fredo likewise include) and a fastened live band can't conceal that this set was unadulterated, solid Stormzy – a grime masterclass from an amazingly flexible entertainer who, it appears, can do anything he satisfies."

The BBC recently affirmed in an explanation that the set would be "communicate live on BBC2 post-watershed with the fitting language alerts, as per the BBC's publication rules.

The star is referred to for using his live exhibitions as a phase for political challenge, including his critical free-form rap during a year ago's Brit Awards, in which he denounced Theresa May for her reaction to the Grenfell disaster.

Yo Theresa May, where's the cash for Grenfell?" he inquired. "What, you thought we just overlooked Grenfell? You crooks and you have the cheek to call us savages/You ought to do some correctional facility time, you should pay a few harms/You should torch your home and check whether you can deal with this."

Glastonbury proceeds with today with sets from Janet Jackson, Johnny Marr, Chemical Brothers, Maggie Rogers, Lewis Capaldi, Liam Gallagher, and The Killers.


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