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A Tribute to the Fossmobile - 1897

  A Tribute to the Fossmobile - 1897     A Tribute to the Fossmobile - 1897:   As a little youngster, experiencing childhood in Fort Chambly, Quebec, now and again, I would hear accounts of George Foote Foss' (my grandfather's) innovation. On occasion, I would catch these accounts as my dad imparted the subtleties to companions and neighbors who were visiting our home. In any case, the accounts that I regularly heard came straightforwardly from my granddad, as we visited him every now and again. I review affectionately, sitting on an ottoman close to his feet as he sat in his enormous, agreeable seat, relating the means he took in tinkering, arranging and eventually, building a fuel motor car, which was to be the first in Canada - later named: "The Fossmobile." In the mid 1960s (I was distinctly about age 7), I review that everybody around me was discussing a whirlwind of restored enthusiasm for his achievement. It was then that he was given two priv