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Called "Dark Ages", it was said to be working to humiliate the United States

Called "Dark Ages", it was said to be working to humiliate the United States and finally force it to surrender unless it is addressed Which will erase all bank records, disable all electrical networks, stop water flow and collapse air defenses And that there may be those who betray President Duncan in the ranks of his aides and work for the Russians, and that Duncan, who seeks to prevent that attack, decided to hide when he left the White House meet someone who might be able to help while attending a baseball game.
 It turned out that, like Clinton, he had met his wife at law school, and that he had one big daughter, but unlike Clinton, his wife had died tragicallyBut readers who wished to reveal more hot details about what was actually going on inside the White House from Qualis might not have got what they had been hoping for.
Patterson also seems to have not documented all the petty blocks of sad side-by-side commentary on the state of media and politics today. After some go…

Representing the right of the German people

Representing the right of the German people  At the time, the political forces that moved the revolution were the Social
 Democrats and the Spartans. It was once declared that he hated the revolution as a sin and saw the establishment of a constitutional monarchy owned by one of the sons of the Tsar. On the same day, the majority and regional Socialists formed a.
 coalition ministry of six, Democrats and three independent Socialists were armed by their armed forces in Berlin. The besieged marines were able to repel an attack by the Potsdam forces to get them out of the imperial stables that were still.
 alive, Their power was relatively weakened. They obtained 44 seats and agreed to sign the peace by a vote of 237 to 138 votes. It was signed on June 28, 1919, but the German people convinced themselves that they found a scapegoat in the.
November criminals who signed the surrender document, "In some other opinions, he was appointed to the Nationalization Commission appointed by t…

Israel's secret mission to destroy a secret nuclear reactor

Israel's secret mission to destroy a secret nuclear reactor When we arrived at our house, the first security officer in the embassy was waiting for me to order him to declare only a security alert. "We have to work on the assumption that there may be spontaneous reactions from hostile elements. We have to keep ourselves and the embassy. In the garden of the presidential palace overlooking the.  Mediterranean Sea away from ears, sometimes someone spoke loudly to himself and sometimes to the style of someone speaking to Prime Minister Menachem Begin to here was talk about the damage that happened and Sadat continued modern policy of Egypt, please tell Mr. Bijen A. I will remain steadfast in the peace process and will hold.  my two pillars, despite their attempts to starve us and the number of severing relations with us and others such a strike God only knows how to express The outcome of our defense operation is the elimination of this imaginary alternative. Israel faces the po…

With a sharp face that expresses the rigor and tolerance of life experiences

With a sharp face that expresses the rigor and tolerance of life experiences

WThe words that this lady has addressed to me in terms of her features and the pleasantness of her talk have left traces of deep internal impact, while she tries as she is required in the Egyptian society to give herself a bit of calm and silence. I know you, Ambassador, your experience of the horrors of war. We were on both sides of the channel of explosions in the war of attrition and when it first appeared before the. 

 media where it was announced that President Sadat was killed and we sat in his room and talked with him about the atmosphere of mistrust and uncertainty that prevails in Cairo towards his intentions, he immediately contacted President Mubarak and informed him of the matter. Evacuation "re-ground" is the first goal, and after three days, on April 28 came by chance the feast date of the Israeli triticeum Independence Festival.

"I was a prisoner of war in Israel after the Israeli w…

He took me directly from the airport to one of the famous restaurants

He took me directly from the airport to one of the famous restaurants. 

When you call the international center, there is no need to tell your phone number or wait until they call you again. During these years 19 highways were established in Cairo at the level of the Republic. Also, 54 other highways and three metro tunnels were established. The first academic year is equal to the number of students in all public and middle schools in Israel in the same year when we looked for a maid brought to us from the village of Janini Qarni. She was one of his relatives. At first we thought that she was in crisis, but then she returned to her.We have come back and doubted that she is being arrogant to us, but it has become clear to us again over time. 

 that she is honest in her words, do they have the right to raise children, and as much as this is understood, Zainab will continue to work and will continue to bear the burdens of her children and educate them The three were on the road about two ho…

In front of this court comes the writer Naguib Mahfouz, the tomb of Greater Egypt

In front of this court comes the writer Naguib Mahfouz, the tomb of Greater Egypt.

 And sitting on these empty seats in the courtroom These are the rulers worthy of winning the life of the family in the life of the Egyptian nation until the name of Eternal Egypt I wiped it with a pen and also caused the migration of a large number of the sons of Egypt to the outside Tuthmosis III revealed the love of a survey and economic expressions when addressing the beauty Abdel Nasser, despite the military education obtained by the recipe of the Pharaonic history as a wise man with an iron hand and established in Egypt an army and sea peace that were never seen before. When I visited her again a few weeks later, she told me that she had devoured the book the day I sent her, Sardi Some of them were.

 under the garden "Milaturlonia. The insiders say to me that the process of uncovering monuments in Egypt is still at the beginning of their way they sayIn recent decades, the Egyptian government ha…

How do you feel, Ambassador? what are you expectin

How do you feel, Ambassador? what are you expectin 

After an hour when we landed at Cairo International Airport, this time an Egyptian journalist came to me and said to me in Arabic. Ambassador, as an orientalist. Did you know that the Arabic language will help you perform your sensitive job in Cairo? Of course, the language is very important when I arrived at my office for the first time at the Israeli Embassy in Cairo. May 10, 1981 represents the second ambassador to Israel in Egypt to Abdeen Palace to present his credentials to the President of the Arab Republic of Egypt, Mohamed Anwar Sadat, and Ali Issawe to stop the President of the Presidency of the Republic in a quiet embrace and such a ceremony for him "later" and summarizing all this effort to build Peace Lida to the memory of all Oltk who fell for him and the security of our children and grandchildren to be thrown Almsamah Mnfdilkm to Atholoa Day joy in Egypt to a day of sorrow and pain in Israel, and you are Sidi.

Where are we going today

Where are we going today 

 While we were ready to go out, she always treated her daughter as if she were a child and she told him that I did not
 need her at all, and that I would put my jacket back on properly and that we we were finally refreshed when our old
 university, which is one of the most beautiful universities in the world, I know now why I suddenly find people who applaud in
 front of me when I left my notebook. A total of 217,000 young people have graduated from China's university colleges since
 1949, 7,000 more than in the last 50 years. They discuss and discuss without seeing the humiliation The reason I answered
 many reforms have passed since I was here last time
But these young people believed in their heads smiling, but they
 took me in a toast to their country, but in those days they kept a barber to them, but now they hardly say anything from the
 words of Marx or Lin or Chairman Mao. "In the new China, it is not so. We are now looking at us respectfully and we a…

I was just coming from the Danube and I still had nothing to see east

I was just coming from the Danube and I still had nothing to see eas  He was an old farmer, and maybe he was one of the provinces that suffered from drought. I think he came to a city to beg. His corpse was a patchy ballet. I had no money. What was in my tricks? I reached my friends' house and I was verydisappointed. In early December, the sun was able to stand in the blue sky in Beijing for most of the year, when some passersby stopped and asked him why he was crying. He explained thathewasfrom a village sixty miles from the city andhe came here to sell peanuts. He has lost his money and now does not know how he can return to He was born to an old man and can not cut all this distance walkAs for this old man, one of the passengers asked about the price of his train ticketto his hometown He.  replied that it was just over one yuan (about three shillings) and I replied that I had noticed it and even more so than it was snow that covered the roofs of the "forbidden city" &qu…

See my face at once between caution and arrogance

(See my face at once between caution and arrogance) 

 Although the Secretary-General is acting on the instructions of the Security Council, he bears a great deal of blame. President Bush sent me a warm farewell 
message: "It was my intention to be a supporter of the United Nations and you personally, based on my deadly philosophy, that when we work together we can 
achieve much, Of the new Clinton administration only through the letters that were reaching me at the staff level: that Richard Thor Nberg should leave office,
 as well as Bush's friend Joseph Werner Reid, who was responsible for the preparations for the fiftieth anniversary of the United Nations, including a series
 of events spanning a whole year During 1995 I was later told that the White House "was not satisfied at all" to keep "Bred" because he belongs to the Republican Party
Her appointment represented a step towards achieving her 50:50 goal by 50,
 which means that 50 per cent of the posts of th…