Cambodia was the first place and I am still the only place

(Cambodia was the first place and I am still the only place) 

 I asked him to leave his position at the United Nations in New York and take over the Cambodian operation, but I wanted him to take charge of peacekeeping
 affairs in Cambodia because I wanted Japan to increase its participation in UN activities. I was told that Asia is still suffering from the trauma of the Second 
World War But it is clear that you are ignorant of things when you relate to the hyssop in Asia and thus put me in an embarrassing position with the Security 
Council, which had not yet approved my choice of him. Perhaps his illness, which he carried courageously, was the cause of his erratic temperament and the speed 
of his frustration and Sihanouk was pleased to receive messages Written in And also in Cambodia have been badly damaged by the Cold War conflicts over 
Southeast Asia and have been destroyed by extensive genocide
Khmer Rouge, then occupied by Viet Nam in 1978 and governed by Hanoi in
 1979. On February 19, 1992, it proposed the establishment of a United Nations force of 12 infantry battalions of 16,000 and 3600 police and 2,000 international 
staff The cost was estimated at more than $ 1.7 billion, and most observers expected the elections to be tried by the United Nations only to legitimize the 
rule of Hun Sen. The prince smiled at me and bowed repeatedly as he sat inside the car and pressed his hands together to express respect. It surprised me that 
the heart of Phnom Penh It has only a few signs to reveal In a meeting between the prince and colleagues, Sihanouk talked about Cambodia's two closest neighbors, Thailand to the north-west and Viet Nam.

But I began to feel pressure from the United States and other superpowers to ensure that the UN effort ends once the elections are held. If the consensus is not achieved, which is often the case, it is the right to make the final decision. The
 Authority has fulfilled its mandate to assist the people of Cambodia On the election of a government with recognized legitimacy in order to rebuild the areas
 on which the Khmer Rouge imposed the hell of the race and was glorified by the glory of the Cambodian civilization. It was shaken by lightning. It was the style of the throne room with the golden dome. Every day children, farmers, Frun are 
subjected to death or mutilation and when the children grow up mutilated have to change their compensatory devices were mines planted around power stations and transmission lines of electricity

And water treatment plants along the main roads and market centers near the stores and port facilities. Akashi said the name reflects the high morale of the soldiers who began their new mission and it is true that despite our efforts to
 contain it and Hun Sen system used its political network to intimidate the main rival Prince Ranariddh, son of Sihanouk, and to promote his party "United Front of an independent, peaceful and cooperative independent Cambodia" to
 withdraw, all a clear violation of the agreement they signed in Paris because the mandate granted to the Transitional Authority did not allow armed confrontation with the Khmer R. When the Khmer Rouge refused to move to the 
camps to hand over their weapons Cambodian parties began to resist other trilateral disarmament and demobilization of military formations
The Blue Helmets did not have a mandate from the Security Council to force any 
of these groups to submit to the Paris agreement. Two weeks later, I received a letter from Akashi expressing deep concern. "Insecurity is worsening in the 
country in proportion to the guerrilla actions and the killing of Vietnamese farmers and residents in Cambodia, Under Secretary General Ban is seeking to open a background contact girl with them, but the government's control of Hun 
Sen has been so comprehensive that it seems likely to hold elections that have no result but to ratify the power of the government, which the Khmer Rouge has confirmed will happen and the UN refugee agency Clay hundreds of thousands
 of returnees from camps along the border with Thailand, and the delay was partly due to complex rules for administrative and financial affairs at the United Nations

But there was a more important reason that the Security Council seemed to approve other large-scale UN operations. Serbia refused to recognize federal authority and withdrew from Yugoslavia. On December 16, 1991, the European
 Community agreed to recognize its Croats and Slovenia within 30 days. But it is no doubt that this recognition was the engine of the explosion and the beginning of the conflict between those who want independence "Muslims" and 
the "Serbs" and those who benefited from the fighting between Muslims and Serbs to strengthen their control of their areas, "Croats" but wars Cross-border countries such as the war that led to the "Desert Storm" were unlikely to become the main threat to peace in a post-Cold War world

The conflict in the former Yugoslavia was a complex one, and the dangers of falling into the trap were a phenomenon. Historical, cultural and legal precedents
 were difficult to identify. In January 1992, on the second day of a general post, Cyrus Vance reached a cease-fire between Croatia and the Yugoslav Army. 
"Peacekeepers will be back in the coffins," he said, declining to meet with countries in the 1960s on the Middle East. The UN mandate was to disarm from these three areas in Ker The deployment of police forces and the withdrawal of 
the Yugoslav army from Croatia, and then said that if those talks did not succeed and if the parties give up good offices to resolve differences
The Security Council will have to reconsider the mission's mandate. At the end of
 April, Marc Golding asked for the feasibility of doing so. I expressed my concern at the deployment of 40 military observers in Bosnia, which had already been decided. A partial ceasefire agreement between the Croatian and Serbian leaders
 On May 6, 1992, doubts were again raised about the division of Croats and Serbs into Bosnia and Herzegovina, leaving little room for the Muslim community, which represents a large proportion of the population (44 per cent). The 
situation in Bosnia and Herzegovina is tragic, dangerous, turbulent and violent, but the Bosnian Serbs opposed any increase in the presence of the United Nations In Bo They questioned the usefulness of the few military observers who
 were already there and none of the three parties in Bosnia had done so
In its resolution 752 dated May 15, the UN Security Council requested UNPROFOR to provide military protection for humanitarian convoys. Even if, at
 the current stage, they were to send only armed forces to protect relief convoys, they should be aware that these operations would also be costly. The United Nations has been subjected to brutal ambush by Muslim militiamen. This is a sign
 of his readiness to accuse the council of asking him to find people to carry out difficult and dangerous tasks without giving him the means to do so. I said that the only alternative if the Security Council resolution did not refer to him is " To
 take over the troops The international mission is to freeze / destroy all or some of the weapons that are being carried out by the units or elements being demobilized

The situation has led to many confrontations with Prime Minister Beijing, who referred to Carrington as "Peter", the Arabic name corresponding to his name "Peter." The pressure of the populace was on the increase and the Security 
Council wanted to take action and said that the United Nations was accused in Africa "Tito is back," he said, noting that Tito had maintained Yugoslavia as a united state and 24 hours later the UN Security Council welcomed the
 agreement. He called on the parties to declare their Immediately reported the locations and quantities of heavy weapons and was informed by the United Nations Protection Force (UNPROFOR)

He said that she was not serious when the commander of the United Nations Security Forces in Bosnia called the three sides for implementation but that they had not been given any cooperation and that it was my duty to express my
 opinion that it would have been better if the Council had followed the rule that had been followed by UNPROFOR technical staff in the field and waited for this opinion before making its decision.

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