My mandate for the first years as a United Nations general

(My mandate for the first years as a United Nations general) 

It was their opinion that I promoted the independence of the post of Secretary General and his suit appropriately every two decades to try the elections of the
 presidency of the United Nations and the presidency of the United States in the same year as well as done and if the world has fundamentally changed their world and although I was actually echoing the idea put forward by Perez de Five 
years ago, the United Nations Information Office in Washington used the phrase "Firestorm" to describe the reaction in Washington to its lecture in Oxford, or should I avoid it? Aabdo and Kani did not make a decision during the US 
presidential campaign. "Saye" The election The United States and the United Nations elections in the minds of the public, one on the other as far as possible. Candidates from Yemen told the Americans that the United Nations was a Muammarah

And the United Nations "Black Helicopters" flying over the Rockies were ready to take over the United Nations. I was afraid that my candidacy would not increase the American opposition to my re-election and published editorial articles that
 would explain that article as a deliberate provocation of the United States but that I would not change My decision even if the United States used a veto resolution and asked "Say" and David to inform Christopher that I would be calm
 "without making a decision" about my future throughout the presidential campaign and primarily the reform of the UN Secretariat SAS Matin I understood that he was confirming that the Clinton administration had taken the decision to
 "object to me" and was obliged in a way that would allow someone who eavesdropped on the call to understand that "

Election despite opposition from the United States " Early on the morning of Monday, May 13, Warren Christopher came to see me at his request. Christopher said that Tresse was Schmidt Barrie in Saville Rowe and brought the great Middle 
Eastern coffee and dessert stewards. I said that the first priority of the Secretary-General should be the consolidation of the relationship between The United States and the United Nations. "This is perfectly normal. What did you do and
 cause this extraordinary US decision?" I said, "You are a distinguished lawyer. Why do not you defend me with President Clinton?" I said I did so because success in my mission needs American support. I gave him an answer And that 
"the paintings of Fayoum: Faces of Ancient Egypt" and you told Christopher that I would like to keep one of these beautiful works of art, but Tkleviha makes me unable

To enjoy it only through books such as this book which I would like to give to the Foreign Minister on this occasion and his agreement immediately because the declaration will harm my effectiveness in my job. In May 1991, when a plane
 carrying us over the Mediterranean Sea from Cairo to Paris, President Hosni Mubarak informed me that he would take me to the post. Deputy Prime Minister for Foreign Affairs "Since you like to work, Yabteras Vassatik is also the Minister
 of Immigration, a ministry that needs to be brought under control," she said, naming candidates from Cameroon, Ghana, Nigeria, Sierra Leone and Zimbabwe. Another said, "They are all from West Africa." Then President Bongo Saying "to
 What do you do not stand up? You speak Arabic, French and English and you can be an excellent Secretary-General of the United Nations, despite the relative humility of the Fund

He was popular and helped to explain the sudden decision by African leaders to think about the highest post in the United Nations I once had hope at UNESCO in Paris. Now there is a real role to play and an opportunity to implement the ideas
 that have occupied me for years When I told President Mubarak about what happened in Abuja and I was interested in it, he was not enthusiastic. "If it fails, it will be a defeat for Egypt," and all said that my election would be a great thing
 for Egypt, but it was not easy and President Mubarak remained conservative. I want to leave and the election of the secretary-general of the nations United States in a number of traumatic and bitter experiences instead to set criteria for
 the candidates to be followed by a committee to sort them according to these criteria in the process of choice for the Rhodes grantHowever, in a world organization whose member states differ greatly in the revolution, power and
 size are so much that the Secretary-General is the focus of progress through cooperation.I need to keep in mind that I would politically win support for the most important countries, regions, groups and international networks not only
 for the position but also for the job efficiently. Besides France, I needed the support of the other permanent members of the Security Council: England, China, Russia and most importantly the United States, June I met with Foreign
 Secretary James Baker and his grandmother Wadwa, but his attention was focused on non-African candidates. He was Ber Nard Chidziro, the Zimbabwean
 minister of economy who had experience in the United Nations, who was a supporter of the Commonwealth and of Great Britain on his return. The J Cairo, President Mubarak handed me a message by hand to the soundest explanation
 of President George W. Bush and told me privately that the US State Department opposes my candidacy and I said if you SkokoroviI went to the Oval Office. Ali Bush had to receive the other candidates there too, and the old writer,
 Arnaud de Bor-Chagraf, told me that "the White House had already settled on Sadruddin Aghajan" and went to meet with Prime Minister Brian Milroni, who listened to my talk about my wish In the post of secretary general of the United Nations without commenting on anything

Bush then turned to Sadruddin Aghajan, who he thought would be acceptable to developing countries. In late September 1991, he accompanied President Mubarak on an official visit to Moscow, which was boiling with turmoil after the
 collapse of the Soviet Union in August and I was president of the Egyptian-Soviet Friendship Society I did not want to go to someone who might undermine US policy in the Middle East. I was seeking support from different quarters, but I
 did not know how to deal with Washington. Atherton told me that Wiesner was also willing to sign it if he did not stop him from being a member In October, there was a heated discussion between Reid and Baker. At that time, I and Bernard were all other African candidates practically.

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