See my face at once between caution and arrogance

(See my face at once between caution and arrogance) 

 Although the Secretary-General is acting on the instructions of the Security Council, he bears a great deal of blame. President Bush sent me a warm farewell 
message: "It was my intention to be a supporter of the United Nations and you personally, based on my deadly philosophy, that when we work together we can 
achieve much, Of the new Clinton administration only through the letters that were reaching me at the staff level: that Richard Thor Nberg should leave office,
 as well as Bush's friend Joseph Werner Reid, who was responsible for the preparations for the fiftieth anniversary of the United Nations, including a series
 of events spanning a whole year During 1995 I was later told that the White House "was not satisfied at all" to keep "Bred" because he belongs to the Republican Party
Her appointment represented a step towards achieving her 50:50 goal by 50,
 which means that 50 per cent of the posts of the United Nations will be filled by the United Nations by the fiftieth anniversary of the United Nations and informed them of the recommendations of the Fugr-eugata Commission and said that I
 hope that President Clinton will read that report But in one year I had to remove Melissa Wells, which turned out not to be suitable for this mission, and I was very keen to have close relations with Ambassador Albright because I know that I will 
not be able to carry out my mission effectively if I do not have the cooperation and goodwill of the United States' Deaf papers Her son was to her part, Warren Christopher, backed up and raised my interest in his voice, strange

"I was determined to reform the United Nations and say," I am the director of a circuit that has determined his huge bureaucracy and pushed him to work. It seems that she assumes that her mere confirmation of American policy should be
 enough to get support from other countries. But the tragic situation in Bosnia before us was attracting our attention. "UNPROFOR has received more than 40,000 tons of humanitarian aid to besieged cities and towns and has been 
providing assistance to more displaced people. The new foreign secretary was Warren Christopher, who was an Under Secretary of State for Sai A foreign minister for political affairs, and called for the lifting of the arms embargo to 
Bosnia and said they wanted air strikes to Serbs despite their knowledge that France, Britain and Russia
Would not agree, even if the United States launched air strikes would not be the result of non-retaliation in the arena of events by the Serbian forces against the
 United Nations Protection Force and Washington has closed its eyes on the risk of reprisals against the force and even refused to discuss the issue of The Bosnian Serbs refused to accept it, mainly because the negative attitude of the new Clinton
 team persuaded them that the United States would give them a better deal. But in Washington, Bosnian Foreign Minister Hares Seladic did not receive the support of the Accept the plan
The United States seemed to want to take the lead, but instead caused confusion for everyone because its plan seemed to be in line with Vance Owen's plan. Christopher's statement gave the impression that the United
 States was now
 twisting the Vance Udine plan and demanding another two and a half years of bloody fighting And war crimes before the United States agreed in Dayton to give
 the Serbs 49 percent of the land and it was found that it needed 50,000 troops, but the United States did not show a desire to participate in military action in Bosnia and caused tension between Washington and some European governments, Nya and France, which have large forces in the theater of events
 and we sat side by side while lined advisor Ka of us on both sides in the face of each other for some of the grades
I was afraid that I had been raped by the president in a stupid stupor on the train
 network in his country. When we reviewed the scope of the conflicts that are taking part in the United Nations, Clinton said that I would find the United States to be one of the countries that contribute a large number of military forces. Vance 
Owen's plan has given an advantage to the party and reiterated the argument that the arms embargo on Bosnia should be lifted. The fighting in Bosnia is 
growing as the progress of the Serbs in the field after the rejection of Vance Owen's plan began by saying again that the United States should follow the Vance Owen plan

I wanted to understand the Secretary-General's letter and when I asked what he meant, I was told that this was a US bicycle saying that the United States and the Atlantic alliance needed to cover with international blessing the responsibility of 
the United Nations for such a mission. When Karadzic confronted the challenge quickly, Of English proficiency and that the letter was not intended to insult and called Karadzic in strong terms to accept the plan. I said that it was not your 
permission for your delegation to come to New York and should understand the commitment of the international community and realize its will and the losses were Thousands of Muslims have fled to Pinca's secret surrounding areas for fear of attacks and occupation by Serbian forces.

They are all in need of patience. More cities have fallen into their hands. They are not afraid that they will not eventually get 70 percent of the land, but they all get it. Denaldson asked about the size of the troops required by the Serbs' response. 
"I am not a specialist in this. "Well, I think you're absolutely right, sir, but I'm positive that many Americans will not say who will kill me on the battlefield, 
they're really UN troops," said Donaldson. If you come across If they were Americans, I was "fully in agreement and that is why we should continue to negotiate at the moment.

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