I became increasingly frustrated and my resolve intensified

(I became increasingly frustrated and my resolve intensified) 

 A few were burdened with unfavorable terms of trade and huge external debt, beginning in the spring of 1992 and penetrating the controversial region of African development. As my advisers told me, the Secretary-General of the United Nations addressed such a call to the G-7 as a

pretext. The General Assembly in its resolution 47/181 in the preparation of such a report and after the decision of Gamal Abdel Nasser Suez Canal in 1956 a military attack on Egypt by France and England became the whole developing world believes the existence of a link 

between development and confrontation and the South countries that were not communist or Ras Financial and socialism towards a planned economy with universal features and a one-party system, which was often considered only appropriate for post-colonial conditions

The major developing countries sought to find a means of transferring the issue of the South to the forums of the major industrial nations in the North. Now, the problems are long-standing

 poverty, unemployment and social unrest, which was once the exclusive domain of national politics. They lack the human resources, capital and infrastructure necessary to benefit from 

the new global economy. "Development" is "human development" and "human development" and they are interlinked posters like a line of elephants in tails that In front of it and increased doubts and took any resistance to any indication that the old development recipes that were

 based on it may declare failure or replace a new approach
It seems from the legislative history of the UN Charter that ideas and agencies for economic and social progress have been deliberately discarded and deliberately left behind. The issue

 within the United Nations has been politically explosive and has since confirmed that economic growth is the engine of development and that a responsive and representative government may

 be the single most important factor In everything, I saw the democracy that everyone saw at the end of the Second World War as a "wave of the future." A striking challenge from regimes

that claim that a greater fate than the crisis of freedom undermines discipline, efficiency and the central rule is that development is as important as the Peace for the United Nations seems to have been oblivious to the fact that prevention costs far less than rebuilding but I hastened to

 adopt these conferences as my own Shani
And made them a continuum to be based on each of them preceded and contributed cumulatively in the subsequent conferences and has published too many writings about these

conferences, whether in their interest or against them, but the recognition remains as the fruits of a completely new way to reach an international agreement on critical transnational problems

 For the first time ever, states at the level of heads of state and government committed themselves to taking into account the international environmental consequences in making their economic and income policy. Maurice Strong, the Canadian businessman who was asked

 by Secretary-General Uthman to coordinate the The first international conference on environment in Stockholm in 1972 and then became the first director of the United Nations Environment Program reached a support for the coordination of the Rio Summit, which 

worked for it
Since the appointment of Perez de Cuellar in 1990 to take over, and announced the presence of Bush in the presence of the White House to confirm the importance of his presence in Rio and

 from this moment onwards, the decision-making authority on the number of United Nations staff allowed to attend the conferences was also with us King and Queen of Sweden and

President The Portuguese Minister Mario Soares and his relative. I said that we have to take the management flag between us and the land. We do not own the wealth of the world, but we

 hold it as a deposit. We inherited it from our ancestors and we trusted it for our children and saw that it is much better to return to the meeting at a high level. The commitments we made to

ourselves in Rio and with the number of foreign dignitaries and Brazilians, we flew by helicopter about forty-five minutes to the site of the celebration

"Yes, but one day it could turn into a real school. In fact, it chose to sign the Rio agreement but later in a less noisy moment elsewhere. We are here today to call for a contract," he said. Life

 between people and land Vienna has added a new life to the argument that how governments treat their citizens is not an issue that falls within the framework of the state's internal

 legislative mandate. At least I hope that the most serious human rights problems would provoke the challenge of not being established in Europe or North America. It grew in the

 Muslim world and in China and Southeast Asia and in the Indian subcontinent and in Africa and in parts of Latin America and told me that the delegation of experts issued

The "Atlanta Declaration" that President Carter sent them to inform me to send them to inform me of the most important ideas contained in it, and that the same nickname "High

Commissioner" was the remnants of British colonialism and should be abandoned and added, "If I mean" a special example of the Secretary-General for the establishment of democracy "

 Every hope for progress In an attempt to resolve the situation, I spoke by telephone with the President of the Correspondents' Association to ask him to move this conference to another location, but I decided not to hold the press conference of the dissenter inside the building of the

 United Nations Secretariat where this event was planned to be a work of works Political opposition Yeh against the People's Republic of China, the United Nations is a member, and I
 am at the same time, in my capacity as secretary-year-old "will preserve the integrity of the headquarters building of the United Allamm as
A site dedicated primarily for the activity of diplomatic member states' said a member of

Congress that Makedmt Garret will entrench certainly in the mind of Congress during the discussion of "funding levels and conditions related to participation (the participation of the

 United States of America) in the United Nations program, but the United Nations global organization of member states and do not have access headquarters for the purposes of the

 attack Ali Member State and echoed, "Hassan said Shen Tong for China is like Omar Abdel-Rahman, but on the other side of the political spectrum circle China announced that it will

 withdraw from the Vienna Conference if allowed the Dalai Lama to attend, which means that a quarter of people census will not Iike N, for example, in conferences and exclamation Kreisky,

 "he said three years I have spent three times this time just to take out the Soviets and Americans from Austria
But despite all my attempts, I did not know who in Austria was the one who invited the Dalai

 Lama under any conditions. It was not him, but others who had the political plans, who sought in vain to find a confrontation that might threaten the conference and the issue of human rights. He can do anything from the post, and he will not add up to another new bureaucratic

class. Human rights will remain a bone problem as long as the third world is seen as an instrument of intervention to serve the political goals of the developed world. And these rich countries are convinced that their method of imposing human rights is the only way.

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