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Where are we going today

Where are we going today   While we were ready to go out, she always treated her daughter as if she were a child and she told him that I did not  need her at all, and that I would put my jacket back on properly and that we we were finally refreshed when our old  university, which is one of the most beautiful universities in the world, I know now why I suddenly find people who applaud in  front of me when I left my notebook. A total of 217,000 young people have graduated from China's university colleges since  1949, 7,000 more than in the last 50 years. They discuss and discuss without seeing the humiliation The reason I answered  many reforms have passed since I was here last time But these young people believed in their heads smiling, but they  took me in a toast to their country, but in those days they kept a barber to them, but now they hardly say anything from the  words of Marx or Lin or Chairman Mao. "In the new China, it is not so. We are now looking at u

The time we had to be there was 7:30 pm

The time we had to be there was 7:30 pm  In this Soviet restaurant, you were sitting, suffering, reluctantly, eating that food, which seemed heavy, and in a situation that I could not have imagined. During  the long years that had passed before, the Danish cuisine was unmatched. I wanted a frank answer. Did you like it or did not like it? At some times, your  description of something more beautiful than the same thing and this restaurant was famous for its menu in this type of food is not comparable to the length of the whole country of Denmark and has realized later that there is not found among the Chinese admire sandwiches, they say that it is beautiful in the landscape But the invitees instead of the intended Benefits seated, the first direct call for him but it is just a courtesy call was restored. If this special Takeda to denote courtesy And all the foods were fragmented so small that it was easy to eat with wooden cushions. Whenever we found even those sitting on

I was just coming from the Danube and I still had nothing to see east

I was just coming from the Danube and I still had nothing to see eas  He was an old farmer, and maybe he was one of the provinces that suffered from drought. I think he came to a city to beg. His corpse was a patchy ballet. I had no money. What was in my tricks? I reached my friends' house and I was verydisappointed. In early December, the sun was able to stand in the blue sky in Beijing for most of the year, when some passersby stopped and asked him why he was crying. He explained thathewasfrom a village sixty miles from the city andhe came here to sell peanuts. He has lost his money and now does not know how he can return to He was born to an old man and can not cut all this distance walkAs for this old man, one of the passengers asked about the price of his train ticketto his hometown He.  replied that it was just over one yuan (about three shillings) and I replied that I had noticed it and even more so than it was snow that covered the roofs of the "forbidden cit

I was surprised when the family hurricanes were foreign

I was surprised when the family hurricanes were foreign It was the 37th birthday of the birth of a brother, Xi Yan, now a professor at a US university, that these towers are ninety-nine feet in length, deliberately restricted because if it increased, the evil spirits were angered and the age was fixed in a  wooden carrier The man on his shoulder put him on the snow in the street and began to do his work. He saw a "small" boy squatting over one of the sinks and  he needed his own rest. Like all young Chinese children, he was wearing trousers with a hole in his back. Breath also disappeared those dogs thick Yara, which was  roaming the streets "Yamanaoshmala" before crossing any street from the streets, but that in fact was not necessary We noticed that the few cars that passed through us were mostly made in Russia or Eastern Europe, and the thick cotton clothes hide the body so that it is almost  impossible for one to know the men of the women, and unt

the streets are empty that's where we run

the streets are empty that's where we run We went on that wide street, with its two-storeyed houses on one side, to the extent that a huge building.  appeared on top of them. It was covered by a thin layer of snow, and it was visible in the middle of the sky, where.  only the stars scattered. It was in 1936 when we were studying at one university and shortly after our wedding.  we went back to Beijing. We left Beijing for the whole time, although we felt nostalgic for it and when we went to bed at night and slept very much We are in our sleep.  talking about her This is because we have a slight knowledge of the president, "Sean Enlai" because I have to be punched once son "Chiang Kai-shek" Ali Landry Hdgah and either left the train up to one of the men was waiting. And asked us to see him on our passports and then take off the leather glove from his hands and took his pen at a very fast installed our names and numbers of our.  passports an