I was just coming from the Danube and I still had nothing to see east

I was just coming from the Danube and I still had nothing to see eas 
He was an old farmer, and maybe he was one of the provinces that suffered from drought. I think he came to a city to beg. His corpse was a patchy ballet. I had no money. What was in my tricks? I reached my friends' house and I was verydisappointed. In early December, the sun was able to stand in the blue sky in Beijing for most of the year, when some passersby stopped and asked him why he was crying. He explained thathewasfrom a village sixty miles from the city andhe came here to sell peanuts. He has lost his money and now does not know how he can return to He was born to an old man and can not cut all this distance walkAs for this old man, one of the passengers asked about the price of his train ticketto his hometown He.
 replied that it was just over one yuan (about three shillings) and I replied that I had noticed it and even more so than it was snow that covered the roofs of the "forbidden city" "It has been thawed, and it has made it possibleto see the crusts that have been covered with these surfaces, and it is a golden yellow color, the officialimperial color Chiang Kai-shek has been the subject of the banners' attack for a while, but we have not been able to get to Beijing, Theediting of "Formosa" has been different and has become the forefront of the position of "Suez" phenomenon and Shiites Yep Color situation in guiding them to the hatred of the people against one topic for each batchIn the course of our march, we stopped in front of a restaurant that attracts low.
 stone attention. We saw a young man working in the restaurant movingsomething rising from steam inside a huge iron pot. I thought to myself that it was a tall view. It was fitting to take a beautiful picture. No doubt what he heardwhen he replied that he "porridge" was led by some of the standing smile smile is a sign of insight but the young man remained in the custody of his conciliatorcommitted. This regime has caused a great deal of agitation that was threatening the agricultural crop with helplessness and when the government realized that itbegan to ease its grip so that it can be transferred to The city to be sold out in "the Free market "Our tea director welcomed us to the meeting hall under the picture of Ma and TsiTang, Stalin The.
 reality is that the demolition movement against Stalin never reached China, but the government spends it on each of the refugees. It is just under 20 pounds a year. For the delivery of clothing and smoke and at thismoment returned the memory to the view I saw in the previous days in one of the alleys twisted in the city, "Shanghai" there is the headquarters of a charity called the "Blue Sky Charity Association for the burial of dead" When we arrived wefound two soldiers guarding the outer door, but we After we got out of her place, we did not feel anything that felt like we were inside the prison And the reward of the wages after that is reserved for themselves.

I see you in a new story my friends :)


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