The time we had to be there was 7:30 pm

The time we had to be there was 7:30 pm 

In this Soviet restaurant, you were sitting, suffering, reluctantly, eating that food, which seemed heavy, and in a situation that I could not have imagined. During
 the long years that had passed before, the Danish cuisine was unmatched. I wanted a frank answer. Did you like it or did not like it? At some times, your 

description of something more beautiful than the same thing and this restaurant was famous for its menu in this type of food is not comparable to the length of the

whole country of Denmark and has realized later that there is not found among the Chinese admire sandwiches, they say that it is beautiful in the landscape But the invitees instead of the intended Benefits seated, the first direct call for him but

it is just a courtesy call was restored. If this special Takeda to denote courtesy
And all the foods were fragmented so small that it was easy to eat with wooden cushions. Whenever we found even those sitting on our table, an excellent piece

 was transferred to the vascular and after the completion of the cold food, the introduction began with the hot items. They included pork ribs, Indian jungle prawns, I was in the position of guest of honor and looked at me with great

surprise and said, but at the beginning of the truth and that the best varieties will come from now on, including the drink "fire water" Chinese stronger than our Danish drink "Snaps" and the Chinese rarely drink only In Madab and drink, it 

was their drink in a reservation and this saying in the Chinese corresponds to our saying "inverted vice" and since this moment did not make a great effort to be I am the winnerThat the poor monkey is taken to put his head in the middle cavity
 Juan prepared for this offer and entrust her meat cooked with meats or mascara, but desirable drink mixed with a cup of wine and in restaurants was the table worker shouting when you leave the place with the value of the value of the 
vineyards and the Chinese can not spend To feed the animals in order to eat it. One time, a Hong Kong resident told me that he wanted to ease the troubles of life
 on the elderly cook, who knows that this is the secret of their desire to tighten the belts on their stomachs. Do not be without bitterness . 
I see you in a new story my friends :)


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