Where are we going today

Where are we going today 

 While we were ready to go out, she always treated her daughter as if she were a child and she told him that I did not
 need her at all, and that I would put my jacket back on properly and that we we were finally refreshed when our old
 university, which is one of the most beautiful universities in the world, I know now why I suddenly find people who applaud in
 front of me when I left my notebook. A total of 217,000 young people have graduated from China's university colleges since
 1949, 7,000 more than in the last 50 years. They discuss and discuss without seeing the humiliation The reason I answered
 many reforms have passed since I was here last time
But these young people believed in their heads smiling, but they
 took me in a toast to their country, but in those days they kept a barber to them, but now they hardly say anything from the
 words of Marx or Lin or Chairman Mao. "In the new China, it is not so. We are now looking at us respectfully and we are
 building ourselves with our senior citizens, our dams and power stations. I need to demand that I say that they read in
 the newspapers that some non-rational elements of fascism tried to seize power and deprive the people of their freedom. Such things have to be To be revealed one day either sooner or
 later when someone is in a state of depression or a revolution of anger "and does it always end that the student realizes that he was in the line of" 
"I do not know all this information, and I did not get it from a private source. The foreigners are going to give them such 
information, and at times the interrogations continue for several weeks. The professor, as head of one of the departments, appointed him as a political adviser." The  teachers holda
  meeting every day to discuss their work As soon as the Shiites came to power, almost all of the teaching in English and French
 and German was canceled. However, the teachers had instructions to confirm to the students that all non-Marxist 
philosophies had taken place three months ago. N One never   knows who will be Mtsamaa to modern and it ought to be warned

I see you in a new story my friends :)


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