How do you feel, Ambassador? what are you expectin

How do you feel, Ambassador? what are you expectin 

After an hour when we landed at Cairo International Airport, this time an Egyptian journalist came to me and said to me in Arabic. Ambassador, as an orientalist. Did you know that the Arabic language will help you perform your sensitive job in Cairo? Of course, the language is very important when I arrived at my office for the first time at the Israeli Embassy in Cairo. May 10, 1981 represents the second ambassador to Israel in Egypt to Abdeen Palace to present his credentials to the President of the Arab Republic of Egypt, Mohamed Anwar Sadat, and Ali Issawe to stop the President of the Presidency of the Republic in a quiet embrace and such a ceremony for him "later" and summarizing all this effort to build Peace Lida to the memory of all Oltk who fell for him and the security of our children and grandchildren to be thrown Almsamah Mnfdilkm to Atholoa Day joy in Egypt to a day of sorrow and pain in Israel, and you are Sidi.
The ambassador said to me, Rajia, is the school you broke into in Sharm el-Sheikh, please, please keep this building, I want to celebrate that day and celebrate it together in the same place. The president started speaking. I clarified every word. I will not hide the intense emotion at this moment. This is something that stirred emotions at this moment and this is what we should thank God and say "Praise be to God" to try to distinguish and understand what is happening and answered Anis Mansour of course the president knows that the word and used by it is true in terms of literary expression is no doubt and continued Anis Mansour says Arad President Sadat N hints that before you .tk well keen to study your past, however I was surprised by suddenly turned speechless and simply told me I know if I was not busy now, the position of the head of state.
President Sadat himself made a remark at the end of the official visit of our president. There is no doubt that your appearance here in Cairo has made you captivate the hearts of the Egyptian people. The president was the last of the pilots. After the prime minister dropped the plane ladder and entered his cabin, all those who summoned the president sat on one of the seats around The office, which sits behind the president and was nice and full of confidence and firmness to shut the door here began to appear on the features of the President ceremony ceremony signs of persuasion and finally without hesitation standing standing and seemed to close the door slowly as he was silent in his hands I used to drive my car in the morning heading to the country and back At a meeting of the Foreign Ministry in Jerusalem, he took part in Cairo's visit to Ismailia, the new coast road.

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