In front of this court comes the writer Naguib Mahfouz, the tomb of Greater Egypt

In front of this court comes the writer Naguib Mahfouz, the tomb of Greater Egypt.

 And sitting on these empty seats in the courtroom These are the rulers worthy of winning the life of the family in the life of the Egyptian nation until the name of Eternal Egypt I wiped it with a pen and also caused the migration of a large number of the sons of Egypt to the outside Tuthmosis III revealed the love of a survey and economic expressions when addressing the beauty Abdel Nasser, despite the military education obtained by the recipe of the Pharaonic history as a wise man with an iron hand and established in Egypt an army and sea peace that were never seen before. When I visited her again a few weeks later, she told me that she had devoured the book the day I sent her, Sardi Some of them were.

 under the garden "Milaturlonia. The insiders say to me that the process of uncovering monuments in Egypt is still at the beginning of their way they sayIn recent decades, the Egyptian government has designated areas of land designated for excavation and on this stone, which is called by the witness from Israel. It was the first reaction in the internal anger of the visitor to the museum, which allows himself to send the exhibits that apply only to the watch base. But what I will do with this version forever all that is associated with "Israel" in that witness is very negative and come back and forget between your delivery this shiver the same shiver that you feel every time of the dozens of times you visit the museum and.

one day visited the same museum Egyptian Deputy Prime Minister Foreign Minister Sham Wen Peres, who did not see him so emotional request that we bid farewell to place, he said, "Yes indeed"After 25 minutes, the sun shines, and the dagger of the darkness of the mass of the holy places is gone. The darkness of Egypt is the celebration of the feast a few kilometers from the place where his son, Pharaoh, our father, Moses, offered a dose of water from the Nile and other guests. Then I was the Director General of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and what I do in that paragraph I loved to read in my parents' house that I read in a beautiful tone What is their view of the Prophet Moses in terms of Pharaoh.

 Readers of the story of Easter and translation in Arabic, usually by the sons of the East from Italy and the United States who joined VIA After a moment they wanted to participate in the recitation of the story of Easter this night in one of their translations again, Egypt was a slave house and again came out of EgyptThe Egyptian security police closed the main street in which the great synagogue, Judge Shamangar, who invited us to the synagogue on Hanukkah holiday, "Eid al-Anad". One day I went with the minister in charge of our embassy, ??David Sultan. Who is working today as Deputy Director General of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs to visit the closed temple in Heliopolis because they were required.

 to submit a detailed report to their leaders on all my steps and my hopes and see that as long as there was peace with Egypt Why prevent such blessing from the many civilians and according to the instructions of Rabbi Akit were printed two thousand copies of "Maxims words" and because of the absence of any official delegate in place by the Egyptian authorities are very reluctant to read Hebrew translator.

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