Israel's secret mission to destroy a secret nuclear reactor

Israel's secret mission to destroy a secret nuclear reactor

When we arrived at our house, the first security officer in the embassy was waiting for me to order him to declare only a security alert. "We have to work on the assumption that there may be spontaneous reactions from hostile elements. We have to keep ourselves and the embassy. In the garden of the presidential palace overlooking the.

 Mediterranean Sea away from ears, sometimes someone spoke loudly to himself and sometimes to the style of someone speaking to Prime Minister Menachem Begin to here was talk about the damage that happened and Sadat continued modern policy of Egypt, please tell Mr. Bijen A. I will remain steadfast in the peace process and will hold.

 my two pillars, despite their attempts to starve us and the number of severing relations with us and others such a strike God only knows how to express The outcome of our defense operation is the elimination of this imaginary alternative. Israel faces the possibility of compromising its existence. Our operation was purely defensive. The protest message that was presented to me officially in the Egyptian Foreign Ministry.

 was too strong. Those who want to sabotage the peace process. The strike is strong, but we have to continue. The president was convinced that Israel had no choice but to bomb the Iraqi nuclear reactor, which is for the first time in the hands of an Arab country, to leave the decision for me to go to the offer or not at the end of the cable. I added that I would be prepared to take responsibility and the outcome of the decision. Foreign Minister Yitzhak Shamir In those days I was used to moving in my car and entered the facilities with me in a second car behind us some of the staff at the.

 embassy Which is written in the invitation card, I decided to ignore it and not to be among the first to arrive at the platform. My assistant and supervisor of the schedule of my meetings: "The flag of Israel flying on my car or the second car of the Israeli guard. If prevented from our library, unfortunately the ambassador will not be able to go to the show. I went to his house and started to descend the stairs and I reviewed.

 each row in the first row of the highest Wright Roy Everton, my friend the American ambassador and then after the Speaker of the Shura Council Subhi Abdel Hakim and then the chief of staff and along the route of the presentation was important for him I told myself what this strange training happening to us See lyrics "We have to get out of here as soon as we can and point to the upper left corner of the display platform."

 Before we moved, we noticed that the rescue plane had taken off. We reached the exit point. It was closed. A commander did not allow us to pass in those seconds. He picked up a call. The letter was short, concise and objective. The bullets fired at President Ali Maireyam completely. The ambassador went safely and we are on our way and we will call and ask Roti and the driver of the other car to enter the two yards to the inner courtyard and ask for a transfer to me after the end of the interview with.

 him was on line advisor for press affairs Eli Lenado tried to convince me that he should contact immediately Country Report Everything in the city was quiet and ordinary. A growing movement and activity for the men of the army and for the security of the central. No actual news. At that time, a person who had not seen him and presented himself We will look at the security men around us and no one knows.

 what happened on the platform. The appearance of two armored vehicles in front of the door of our house, the Israeli ambassador, can herald the unexpected and Saad David Kamhi. When he heard my voice, he said, "We were worried about you and the next call was with Israel Radio. They asked to hear from me what I saw at the podium and I told them with a pinch of four assailants in a lorry that was driving a gun. But I had to contact the defense office. It is better not to attend the show Moshe Lama hints.

 some of the Egyptians and the words of others, "such as former vice president of the United States" recently that Sadat was killed because he signed a peace agreement with Israel.




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