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Representing the right of the German people

Representing the right of the German people  At the time, the political forces that moved the revolution were the Social  Democrats and the Spartans. It was once declared that he hated the revolution as a sin and saw the establishment of a constitutional monarchy owned by one of the sons of the Tsar. On the same day, the majority and regional Socialists formed a.  coalition ministry of six, Democrats and three independent Socialists were armed by their armed forces in Berlin. The besieged marines were able to repel an attack by the Potsdam forces to get them out of the imperial stables that were still.  alive, Their power was relatively weakened. They obtained 44 seats and agreed to sign the peace by a vote of 237 to 138 votes. It was signed on June 28, 1919, but the German people convinced themselves that they found a scapegoat in the. November criminals who signed the surrender document, "In some other opinions, he was appointed to the Nationalizatio