5Sex Positions Everyone Will Be Doing in 2019

5 Sex Positions Everyone Will Be Doing in 2019

5 Sex Positions Everyone Will Be Doing in 2019

5 Sex Positions Everyone Will Be Doing in 2019:


Can sex get boring? Maybe. Cowgirl, Doggy, and Missionary are old favorites but sometimes, maybe a lot of the time, a little variety is needed to get the fire lit or to keep it going. As with all things, each year brings new trends and sex positions are no different. It shouldn't be a surprise that many of the buzziest positions for 2019 are female-focused and also have a bigger dose of chill than usual. Try one, try all five or a combination thereof and have fun in sheets with the five sex positions everyone will be doing this year.

Go Deep with the Mega Missionary

Ready to level up and accessorize the most common position? Assume the traditional position, but instead of getting going, stack two or three firm pillows (not soft - they won't be good for this one) under the bottom person's tush and then enter. This is a great position no matter what the sexual orientation because it allows for deeper penetration for vaginal and anal sex. Of course, since it's missionary, all the eye-gazing and kissing can still happen so a man can go deeper while he's goin' deep.

Sit Back and Enjoy with the Hands Free

What better way for a man to support female empowerment than giving her control of the positions once in a while (or more). Men can lay back and enjoy while his partner planks above him, putting weight on the forearms, as she straddles him with her knees bent somewhere between his chest and hips.

This balanced magic provides the woman with a steady (read not shaky) foundation to really go to town without her worrying she'll fall or hit her vagina the wrong way and he'll like it because he won't be afraid his unit will get bent. Both with enjoy it because he has his hands free to stimulate her erogenous zones or rest on her hips to help guide motion and pace. It's a win-win for everyone.

The Stage Hand

This sexual position is more about anticipation than position, but it's one that will definitely have her inviting you back night after night. A man lays his partner down and starts to gently massage the legs and gradually move up, slowly and with extreme intent. As he reaches the inner thigh, he should graze the clitoris and vulva and then deeply stroke the G-spot and inner vagina. Building the anticipation is what makes things really hot. Since sex is most often under 10 minutes according to studies, women and men aren't used to sensual touch and extended foreplay so this "position" not only relaxes, but ignites. It also makes orgasm more possible. It will lead into to either an intense, acrobatic sex fest or a deep and slow encounter akin to Tantric sex -- dealer's choice

Giddy Up! Getting Low in the Saddle

Since she got all the attention in the last position, give her the reigns and let her saddle up. This takes the familiar reverse cowgirl with a little more depth. The man lays down while the woman gets on top, facing his feet. She leans as far forward as she can putting her weight on her hands and knees which will surround the outsides of his legs and trunk. Then, the cowgirl rocks back and forth, which a little support from her cowpoke if they decide so. Otherwise, sit back and enjoy the very erotic view.

Stay in and Have a Lazy Sunday

Not all great sex is fast and hard. Sometimes reducing the speed and amping up the chill is the most satisfying. Partners should lay on their sides facing each other. The woman than mosex in closer, placing her leg over his leg for optimal penetration. This gives both partners a way to control the speed and intensity. It's a nice way to intimately connect, kiss, and try for the allusive simultaneous orgasm.

After trying all of these new positions, a man needs to keep his penis is fine form to try out these new sex position trends. It's a good thing there is a quality penis health creme (health professionals recommend Man 1 Man Oil, which has been clinically proven safe and mild for skin) specially formulated for the penis to keep it strong, vital, and hard. Nutrient creams that are designed specifically for the penis should also be sure to contain ingredients such as vitamins A, C, D and E, which are noted for their skin-soothing and healing properties which is helpful after a long, satisfying sexual encounter.


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