Ngo Run By Volunteers In Holy City Varindavan

 Ngo Run By Volunteers In Holy City Varindavan



 Ngo Run By Volunteers In Holy City Varindavan :


What is NGO, this is the main question comes in everyone's mind. NGO is a non-profit organisation that operates independently of any government, typically one whose purpose is to address a social or political issue. NGO means non-governmental organisation. NGO can be active in humanitarian, educational, health rights, environmental and other sectors of effect changes according to their objectives. NGO's are usually funded by donations. NGO's are highly diverse groups of organisations engaged in wide range of activates and take different forms in different parts of the world. Most of NGO's run by volunteers. As NGO is non-profit organisation, it relies on a Varity of sources for funding projects, operations, salaries and other overhead costs. Vrindavan is a holy city and known as place of lord Krishna. Many devotees come every year there to seek the blessing of lord Krishna. It is a place for many ashrams and NGOs. NGO in Vrindavan working to help needy people and saving many lives by providing regular food and accommodation. Vrindavan also a well-known place and home of many widows. Widows from all over the country come to Vrindavan and live there in order to devote their rest of life to lord Krishna. They spend their life doing prayers and bhajans of lord Krishna and find peace and moksha (salvation). They devote their life and follows the path of bhakti only they maintain almost no relation with their respective families. The NGOs work with them provide them food and shelter. Also help them to learn various things. They sing and chant the bhajan of lord Krishna. NGO in Vrindavan work with widows try to make them literate so they can perform their daily work in efficient way. Abandoned widows need someone to stand for their rights and give them a fair chance to be a part of society once again. These NGOs do exactly same for them. Many abandoned widows have small children with them, NGOs also work in order to give their children right to education so in future they can stand on their feet's and live a happy life. These women have grief and pain in their heart as they have seen many injustices in their life. NGOs provide proper counselling to them, so they can forget all and live a peaceful life. Counselling plays an important role as by only talking to them one can know their needs and requirements.

They have a critical life conditions in which they need and required a support mentally and physically. They need some work to do so they can earn for their life. Health is a prime factor in anyone's life proper medicine and health check-ups are important. NGOs organise regular health's check-up in camps for these woman's. where they get free health services and proper health guidance. NGOs have their own ambulance which can be use in case of emergency. They address any urgent medical need. They provide first aid medical kit to everyone and make them learn and usages of it. NOGs promote cleanliness and hygiene to them.


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