Say goodbye to sleep AMC is showing all 22 Marvel movies in an insane 59-hour marathon

Say goodbye to sleep AMC is showing all 22 Marvel movies in an insane 59-hour marathon


Say goodbye to sleep AMC is showing all 22 Marvel movies in an insane 59-hour marathon:


Since spring has at long last shown up, a significant number of us are celebrating over the hotter temperatures and the great endowment of leaving work when the sun is still out. Be that as it may, soon, a select valiant (er, crazy) few will wander out of the sunlight and into obscurity to finish a decent (once more, crazy) strategic: each Marvel film consecutive for an entire over two days.

AMC knows MCU fans care minimal about keeping up solid nutrient D levels or ordinary rest designs, and are essentially unequipped for seeing a Marvel motion picture too often. (Always remember the fan who saw Infinity War multiple times in the theater). Such has been demonstrated by past AMC Marvel long distance races previously — one about sucked the last remainders of mental stability from The A.V. Club's own Alex McLevy — yet now the performance center chain is getting really screwing bonkers. Beginning on April 23, AMC will demonstrate every one of the 22 MCU motion pictures in an enormous Marvel motion picture long distance race that requests that the genuine diehards demonstrate their being a fan for the last time by giving up rest and body cleanliness.

In case you're stressed over bolstering yourself and remaining appropriately hydrated during such an undertaking, fortunately the Alamo Drafthouse has you secured. In case you're fortunate enough to live almost an Alamo area, the chain is likewise facilitating a long distance race of each MCU film.

The two long distance races will commence with 2008's Iron Man, paving the way to Captain Marvel, and obviously finishing with Avengers: Endgame. That is an incredible 59 hours and 7 minutes altogether, as per Slash Film, which is a fuckton of Marvel to place into your eyeballs in a single sitting. That likewise implies you'll have to endure 56 hours of films before you even get to the last three-hour Thanos confrontation. So if you don't mind start loading up on Red Bull and antiperspirant now and arranging which films (Thor: The Dark World, clearly) you'll be taking some snappy rests during.

On the off chance that you acknowledge this strategic, your tickets over at AMC's site or the Alamo Drafthouse site.


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