Story Monster Ink Author & Illustrator Spotlight ~ Angel's Forever Home

 Story Monster Ink Author & Illustrator Spotlight ~ Angel's Forever Home



 Story Monster Ink Author & Illustrator Spotlight ~ Angel's Forever Home :


Story Monster Ink as of late had the chance to visit with the writers/artist group behind Angel's Forever Home (Mascot Books), a genuine tale about a pooch who was saved from a Chilean tremor, and scans for his eternity home. Confronting his dread of dismissal for not resembling different mutts, he sets out on an adventure that shows him the significance of persistence, mental fortitude, and the ability to open his heart to other people.

Visit with the Rita Gigante, Bobbie Sterchele-Gigante, Donna McDine and Renie De Mase to peruse their meeting and to become more acquainted with them better at Story Monster Ink. The group appreciates collaborating with perusers and invites the open door for guests to leave remarks or potentially questions so they may get the opportunity to become more acquainted with you also.

What perusers are stating:

I purchased Angel's Forever Home for a companion's youngsters two or three weeks back. What a consummately awesome story: a pooch whose leg is harmed in a Chilean quake goes right to the U.S. looking for a family. There's an unexpected wind in the plot when Angel succeeds. Perusing it teared me up. A children's book. Basic. Significant. Astonishing. Praise to our very own nearby celeb creators Rita Gigante, Bobbie Sterchele-Gigante, Donna McDine and neighborhood craftsman Renie Conklin De Mase. ~ Reviewed by Lorraine Ash, creator - Self and Soul: On Creating a Meaningful Life

Blessed messenger's Forever Home is an inspiring anecdote about discovering love. Heavenly attendant is such an adorable and relatable character; he has an incredible voice! It's the sort of story from which we can learn numerous exercises. I anticipate perusing this book over and over. I realize my youngsters will adore it, as well! ~ Reviewed by Mary Driscoll, grade teacher and blogger at Stay at Home Fit

Heavenly attendant's Forever Home is an incredible youngsters' and grown-up book! The story line encapsulates incredible exercises and the work of art is excellent. The fundamental exercise of acknowledging life is for all to appreciate. ~ Reviewed by Shilamida Kupershteyn, top rated creator - 31 Days of Gratitude Create the Life You Desire

Heavenly attendant's Forever Home is an endearing story of expectation, boldness, love and solace as a salvage hound named Angel stands by quietly to locate his home after a quake in Chile leaves him harmed. The creators of this sweet story wonderfully catch Angel's voice and make him so relatable one can't resist the urge to pull for him and expectation he finds a home as unique as he. The generosity appeared to Angel pulls at one's heartstrings, particularly in valuation for salvage creatures all over the place and those giving them their "eternity homes." Ms.


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