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5Sex Positions Everyone Will Be Doing in 2019

5 Sex Positions Everyone Will Be Doing in 2019 5 Sex Positions Everyone Will Be Doing in 2019:   Can sex get boring? Maybe. Cowgirl, Doggy, and Missionary are old favorites but sometimes, maybe a lot of the time, a little variety is needed to get the fire lit or to keep it going. As with all things, each year brings new trends and sex positions are no different. It shouldn't be a surprise that many of the buzziest positions for 2019 are female-focused and also have a bigger dose of chill than usual. Try one, try all five or a combination thereof and have fun in sheets with the five sex positions everyone will be doing this year. Go Deep with the Mega Missionary Ready to level up and accessorize the most common position? Assume the traditional position, but instead of getting going, stack two or three firm pillows (not soft - they won't be good for this one) under the bottom person's tush and then enter. This is a great position no matter what the se