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The a-Z Setups for Pre-Wedding Shoots

  The a-Z Setups for Pre-Wedding Shoots       The a-Z Setups for Pre-Wedding Shoots:   Getting married is one of the biggest milestones in an individual's life and also one of the biggest turning points in the lives of not one, but two people together and to document the same in the form of photos and videos is a given. However, modern times have taken that concept to another level where almost 5-6 months before the wedding day, the couple goes for a pre-wedding shoot. The debate on whether a pre-wedding shoot is worth it or not depends from couple to couple, but in my personal opinion, it is definitely worth it for a pre-wedding shoot/engagement shoot can help you in many ways; for example, if you have the same photographer assigned on your wedding day as the one for your pre-wedding shoot, then it can help you to establish a rapport with him/her and let's admit it, not all of us are born models and photogenic. But once you get to know your photographer, you